Prosperity Spell

Prosperity Spell

I suggest doing this spell during a Full Moon on a Thursday, for maximum effect.

Now you will need to create an altar on any natural surface (such as a wooden table, the ground outside ect.). Now place on the altar your items:

East: your incense (Sandalwood) South: your candle

West: a bowl or coudron filled with water North: your stone and a dish of salt

Center: 3 apples 1 green piece of paper 1 Green pen (or magic marker)

After you have set up your altar, take a shower or bath, to cleanse away any unwanted energies. When ready make sure you will not be disturbed (turn the phone ringer off, close your door ect.). Take your salt and make a circle of it around you and your altar. Now it is time to start!

Close your eyes and, in your mind\’s eye see all the earthly possessions that you would like to attain – the things that would make you happy, joy – filed and comfortable.

Invocation – face each quarter (direction), and say the following:

East/Air: ” I call upon the Lords of the Watchtower of the East! Bring to this enchanted realm your golden color and sacred knowledge of obtaining earthly prosperity.”

South/Fire: ” I call upon the Lords of the Watchtower of the South!

Bring into this enchanted real your powers of passion and desire.”

West/Water: ” I call upon the lords of the Watchtower of the West!

Bring into this enchanted real your powers of abundance; let money flow to the seeker like a great river.”

North/Earth: ” I call upon the Lords of the Watchtower of the North!

Great and strong Earth Mother, the one who sustains us all, bestow your earthly treasures on me, the one who is seeking.”

Goddess: ” Great goddess Isis, you who are most powerful; come to this realm, into this palace of gold that have created! I ask that you bless me with

abundance and great wealth, with no harm to themselves or anyone! So Mote It Be!

At this time concentrate on what it is you want; visualize it and see yourself with it, see yourself sitting comfortably in an arena of gold in full prosperity, can you See It? Taste It? Smell It? Let the feeling and vision envelop you; let it\’s essence fill every cell in your body. On a piece of paper make a check out to yourself and put the amount you desire on it, Make it look as if it were written out to you.

Now say aloud the following 3 times:

“Abundance, Prosperity, come to me! With no harm to anyone, including myself.

The prosperity is mine with all the powers that be!

I will it to be! So be it, So it be, Blessed Be!”

Then burn the list or carry it with you.

When you have experienced it fully and seen it in your mind\’s eye, the spell is complete.

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