Vanilla & Lavender Love Spell

Vanilla & Lavender Love Spell

This is a spell specially formulated to draw love, desire, and attraction your way.

What you will need:

Pink candle

Pin or needle

Bottle of vanilla scented oil

Pinch of ground sea lavender


Casting The Spell:

Pick an evening where you will be undisturbed. Take a few hours to calm your mind-perhaps take a soothing bath with lavender scented oil, or burn some aloeswood incense while you meditate.

Once your mind is free of stress and troubles, look in the mirror and repeat 3 times:

I search for love

I find love

I embrace love

Keeping this positive energy in mind, take the unlit pink candle (color of candle represents love, friendship, romance, affection, forming partnerships, and peace) and use the pin to engrave your name in it.

Anoint the unlit candle with a drop of vanilla-scented oil. Focus on your goal as you drop oil on the candle.

Light the candle as you say:

Lady Venus, I light this fire so that you may show me the way.

Once the candle is lit, hold it before you and close your eyes. Focus your mind and all your energy on feelings and thoughts of love and desire. You may focus on the object of your desire, or you may even focus on positive images that remind you of love. Remain in this meditative state until you feel the urge to continue.

When you open your eyes, lay the candle back on the surface before you and say:

Lady Venus, take these thoughts of heart\’s desires and carry them through this flame.

I search for love as it searches for me, and I hope to find it again.

Add a pinch of ground sea lavender to the flame. This will add to the positive energy of the spell.

Allow the candle to burn out on its own as you feel the positive effects of your spell take charge.

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